Blank Flags & Nylon Flags

Choose a blank flag from a wide range of colors, sizes and fabrics and make your own flag!!.


AGAS lets you make a flag on your own starting with a blank flag of your choice, with beautiful results. To design a flag, choose your colors from a wide range of colors and make your own flag by printing and designing it yourself. Buying a blank flag so you can make a flag and design it yourself is a great idea for school fundraisers and corporate events. Using a blank flag to make your own flag is a fun and creative way to express yourself – your imagination is the limit! Call a sales representative today to order your blank flag and make a flag you will love!

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200D Nylon Blank Rectangle Flag

Item # Size 1-10 11-49
W0101 12”X18” $6.75 $5.95
W0103 2’X3’ $13.50 $11.90
W0105 3’X5’ $16.20 $13.95
W0107 4’X6’ $27.50 $24.00
W0109 5’X8’ $36.50 $33.00

200D Nylon Blank Triangle Flag

Item # Size 1-10 11-49
W0111 12”X18” $6.30 $5.60
W0113 2’X3’ $10.80 $9.90
W0115 3’X5’ $15.30 $13.00
W0117 4’X6’ $25.50 $22.00
W0119 5’X8’ $34.00 $30.50

200D Nylon Blank Vertical Flag 

Item # Size 1-10 11-49
W0121 5’X3’ $16.25 $14.00
W0122 8’X2’ $18.50 $16.00
W0123 8’X2.5’ $27.50 $24.00
W0125 10’x2.5′ $29.00 $25.00
W0127 12’x3′ $32.50 $28.00
W0129 16’x3′ $55.00 $47.50

200D Nylon Blank Sail Flag

Item # Size 1-10 11-49
W0131 3’X5’ $9.75 $8.50
W0132 8’X2’ $12.00 $11.00
W0133 8’X2.5’ $16.50 $14.50
W0135 10’x2.5′ $17.00 $15.00
W0137 12’x3′ $19.50 $16.75
W0139 16’x3′ $33.00 $28.50

200D Nylon Blank Square Flag

Item # Size 1-10 11-49
W0141 3’X3’ $14.75 $12.90
W0143 4’X4’ $17.75 $15.25
W0145 5’X5’ $27.50 $24.00

Blank flags are great as both a base to create your own flag or in addition to a custom made flag in a display. AGAS blank flags are perfect for screen printers, as they come finished with a header and grommets. All you have to do is print and package.

AGAS blank flags can be decorated in many ways using embroidery, screen printing and appliqué. Decorating a blank flag is a fun classroom project or a rainy day art project.

If you don’t see the size or the color flag you need please give us a call. Our sales representatives can help you order either a stocked blank flag or custom the size and color to meet your needs.

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