Custom Car Flags

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Custom car flags are a specialty of ours at AGAS Mfg. Custom car flags were one of our first products and we are proud to say that we produce the finest car flags on the market.

We offer several styles, sizes and poles to fit all your needs. Each car flag has an optimal usage so it important to speak with your sales representative about the intended use for your purchase so he can direct you to the appropriate style and material. We also offer antenna flags, motorcycle flags, antenna flags, windsock flags and magnetic flags. Car flags are popular for sports teams, booster clubs, PTA fundraisers and giveaways.

The great thing about car flags is that they are mobile, move around with the car so your flag and its message travel the city, state and country. Imagine driving down the main street and seeing cars passing with the name of your school, sports team or business waving about.

Car flags allow for high visibility in a wide area in a way no other product can do.

AGAS Mfg Inc has a website dedicated to all products that are custom car flag related. Here you will find pricing, information and pictures of all of our car flag options.

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