Custom Beach Flags

The custom beach flag has a special pole that holds the beach flag open and in place regardless of location or weather.
A beach flag ensures that your message will always be clearly displayed and the beach flag’s versatility is unbeatable.

Custom Printed Beach Flags

The beach flag is the most popular item in the promotional flags category. The beach flag has a flexible pole which runs all along the beach flag holding it open and in place. The custom printed beach flag is held tight and in place so that your message is always clearly displayed on the beach flag, regardless of the weather. Beach flags are extremely versatile. Easily change your beach flag base so you can use your beach flag indoors or outdoors, regardless of the location. The beach flag is a perfect promotional item for grand openings, car dealerships, corporate events and storefronts! The beach flag is not limited to outdoor use- set up a beach flag at the entrance to your tradeshow booth and steal the attention. The vivid colors of your custom beach flag will not go unnoticed. Also, for a beautiful beach flag display you can choose a blank custom beach flag from 16 colors in stock. If being used on the beach, the beach flag is held securely in place with our sand screw base for beach flags. Choose your custom beach flag shape from our selection of feather flags, swooper flags, teardrop banners and teardrop flags shapes and call us today to order your own, spectacular custom beach flag! For custom beach flag and beach flags information please call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-269-3524!

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