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Custom flags throughout history have been used to display powerful and recognizable symbols. Traditionally custom flags were used as a signaling device, today flags are not only used on ships and government offices but by schools, companies and homes. A custom flag is an easily identifiable symbol of your company, organization or family.

AGAS utilizes the latest in printing technology in order to offer you hundreds of options to personalize your custom flag. You can choose not only the background and imprint colors but also the size, finishing, shape and material. We can make any custom flag to fit your needs.

Don’t forget to pick up a pole to properly display your custom made flag. AGAS offers a wide variety of poles, bases and accessories so you can display your flag in or outdoors.

Please feel to browse our website for pricing and product information. Be sure to look for links to our galleries to check out our past projects or to get inspiration for your next custom flag project.

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Custom Flags all around you

You probably do not notice it but custom flags are all around you. Think about it, on your drive to work or on a walk down the main street, you will see flags all around you. Custom flags are popular for advertising, informing and decorating.

Custom Flags Price Advantage

Custom flags fly outside businesses and brightly display advertising slogans, enticing your attention and your business. Custom flags are cheaper than many other forms of signage so you can change it out more often. Flags can advertise a sale, inform customers you are open for business , or display a holiday greeting. Flags are also dynamic, they move and flutter in the wind which is more attention grabbing than a flat sign on the wall.

Custom Flags inform you and are easy to change out

Most cities and towns hang custom flags on major streets, informing residents and tourists of upcoming town events. Custom light post banners or custom street flags advertise concerts, fairs, farmers markets and holiday greetings. Once the brackets and poles are mounted changing out the flags or banners is quick and simple so you can have new flags every few weeks.

Custom flags just for fun

Flags aren’t just for business and advertising they are also a fun and festive decoration. Hanging a custom flag outside your home adds color to your yard and can display your school spirit or team pride. Custom garden flags have become very popular in recent years. The small 12″x18″ custom flag can easily be changed out to fit the season. Custom flags can also be hung from your porch with a simple bracket allowing you to hang a 2’x3′ or 3’x5′ custom flag. Popular options for custom house flags are: family crest flags, school flags, team flags or holiday flags. We can make 1 unique flag just for you or one hundred flags for a school fundraiser. If you have an idea we can help you bring your custom flag design to life.

Take a few minutes to explore our website, we offer many custom flag designs, styles and price points. AGAS Mfg Inc is waiting to speak with you today about your custom flag needs.

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